Digital Fest

At the heart of Cyber Square is a deep belief that learning to code should be focused on creating, building and mastering the fundamentals of code in a way that is fun and engaging.

Digital Fest is a unique event conducted in Cyber Square integrated Schools using digital technology where students develop and showcase their creative projects to the public.

How Digital Fest is Conducted?

Young students from Grade 1 to 12, form a team like a startup company and create digital solutions to problems they identify or create projects or products like games, websites, web/mobile applications, Robotics, animations, documentary etc. They come up with their own ideas and work on that project which will be presented and showcased in the Digital Fest. The best projects will be selected and rewarded. This enhances not only their programming or technological skills of students but also promotes critical thinking, creativity and collaborative learning. In short Digital Fest helps students to be ready with the 21st century skills.

How Digital Fest helps a School? 

By conducting Digital Fest in school, their students are getting huge exposure and learning experience in creating and showcasing technology projects. Through the event, School is proving that they are leading their students in the right direction by giving the right kind of learning environment and training in digital technologies which enables the shift from being users of technology to creators of technology. As students from Grade 1 to 12 are showcasing their creative projects to the larger audience including parents, teachers and students of other schools, school will get more reputation and it will attract media publicity. 

Coding Club in Schools

Coding Clubs will be created in Cyber Square adopted schools which create a perfect environment for students to come together, discuss ideas and support each other in nurturing their ideas of creation under the teacher’s monitoring. Coding Clubs are meant for miraculous inventions which happen only through the meeting of like minded brains which share similar passions and interests.

Cyber Square

Cyber square is an innovative online platform that teaches kids to learn coding and thereby improving the 21st century skills. It is also an excellent way to teach mathematical and science concepts in a different way and have problem-solving skills, logic and patience.

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