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Design Your Website Bundle
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About this Course

Cyber Square Design Your website course is designed for kids from age 7 and above. This web development course will help them to understand the working of the web and make them capable of designing their own websites.

Skills you will gain

Website development skills



Learn About Google Apps

Let's learn more about Google Apps in this module. Kids will gain knowledge of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides and its fundamental formatting.



Internet, Google Sites

The creation of web pages is simple using Google Sites. Drag the content to the desired location. Children will like using Google Sites to create websites. More Internet expertise also is covered in this module.



Introduction to HTML

Let's build a website together! The students can learn about HTML in this module. Children will gain knowledge of the fundamental HTML tags that help in webpage creation. Basic tags including links, lists, hr, div, audio, and video are covered. Children will also use all these tags to create a website.



Introduction to CSS & Bootstrap

Without CSS, it is impossible to create a website. Let's discuss the various methods for including CSS in HTML and the various CSS selector types.The most widely used CSS framework for creating responsive and mobile-first websites is Bootstrap. In this module, let's discuss that as well.



I am an artist

This module covers the online picture editor Pixlr. Let's make our website attractive.



I am an HTML developer

It is time to build our own websites. This module also addresses website hosting.



Create your videos

Create your own videos together. In this module, we discuss the screen recording application Fluvid. Possibly after recording, we should edit it. With the Biteable app, we can upload our captured films and create engaging HD videos. In this module, let's discuss that as well.



Create Interactive web pages

Let's discuss validation at this point. Website/web application form validation is the process of determining whether the data entered by the user is accurate. Children will learn how to verify login and registration forms. This module also covers Javascript functions, loops, and decision-making.



More about designing

Let's explore CSS in detail. We discuss CSS grid layout in this module. A website with a photo gallery can be made by kids using Bootstrap and CSS Grid layout.



Advanced web technologies

jQuery is a lightweight, "write less, do more" JavaScript library. In this module let’s talk more about jQuery - selectors, events, effects traversing and jQuery HTML. This knowledge will help them create an image gallery with jQuery. Various assessments and assignments are given to improve their programming skills.



Design your website with Wordpress

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It's a popular tool for individuals to build websites and blogs. In this module, we discuss how to design and customize a Wordpress website.



Progressive Web Application

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are apps built with web technologies that we probably all know and love, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But they have the feel and functionality of an actual native app.We'll learn more about PWA in this module.



Mobile Application Development

This module consists of programs using MIT App inventor. This module will help the kids to design a mobile app on their own using MIT app inventor. Various assignments will help the kids to improve their knowledge on MIT App inventor.



I am a web designer

Let's explore CSS in detail.Layouts, locations, navigation, drop-down menus, and much more are covered in this module. An introduction to HTML and CSS templates is also included.



I am a novice coder

JavaScript is a scripting language that lets you do just about everything, including creating dynamically updated content and managing multimedia. The methods for including Javascript in HTML sites, message boxes, Javascript syntax, are all covered in this module for children.

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Why Cyber Square Design Your Website Bundle?

UK Certification

Uk certification will be awarded to kids on course completion.

Benefits For Kids

Kids will learn the basics of coding in a fun way. They will learn to create games and animations.

1:1 Online Classes

We have experienced trainers to provide 1:1 live online coding classes for kids.

Syllabus Designed By Experts

Our syllabus is designed by alumnus of IIT, IIM, & NIT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the coding courses available?

Cyber Square online coding courses for kids include Python, Artificial Intelligence, Web Designing, JavaScript Game Development, Little Coder - basic coding for kids, and Start Your Company - Teach Kids Entrepreneurship.

You can book a free class to experience quality 1:1 live training provided by our experts and if you are satisfied with it, then you can make an online payment.

Yes, we will provide UK certification on course completion.

Cyber Square coding courses will help your kids to learn the fundamentals of coding and make them capable of creating their own websites, games, and apps. These courses will improve your kid’s creative skills, logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and confidence.

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