24 sessions - 3 Months



Skill Level

Beginner to Advanced

Little Coder Beginner Course

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About this Course

This is an introductory course for kids that will help them learn the basics of coding using games and visual blocks. Through this course, kids will learn the basics of programming, sequencing, loops, conditionals, painting, photo editing, toy design & tessellation using a VPL. By completing this course, kids will get a chance to develop an interest in learning coding at an early age and create something useful out of it eventually.

Skills you will gain

Logic development Creative thinking Presentation skill Develop an interest for learning coding



I am an artist

This module consists of tux painting and an introduction to coding. Kids will learn how to create new projects in tux paint, and how to create new stories in tux paint. Students will start to learn the basics of coding through various games. At the end of the module, there will be assessment tests.



I am a typist

In this module, kids will learn the basics of typing. They will learn about different keys on the keyboard, and finger position. This knowledge will help them to become an expert typist. Assignments will be given to improve their typing skills.



I am a programmer

This module consists of the basics of programming. Kids will learn about sequencing, events, and decision making through various games. Various assignments will be given to improve their programming skills.



I am an animator

In this module, kids will learn the basics of ScratchJr, how to create animations & stories, loops concept, photo editing, visual coding, and how to create small games.

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Why Cyber Square Little Coder Course?

UK Certification

Uk certification will be awarded to kids on course completion.

Benefits For Kids

Kids will learn the basics of coding in a fun way. They will learn to create games and animations.

1:1 Online Classes

We have experienced trainers to provide 1:1 live online coding classes for kids.

Syllabus Designed By Experts

Our syllabus is designed by alumnus of IIT, IIM, & NIT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course helps kids to learn the basics of programming, sequencing, loops, conditionals, and painting & make them capable of creating animation videos & games. It improves their logical thinking, critical thinking, & creativity.

Duration of this course will be 3 months.

Yes, we will provide a free demo class.

Yes, since Cyber Square coding courses are gamified, kids at age 5 will get interested to learn it.

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