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Beginner to Advanced

Artificial Intelligence Advanced Course

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About this Course

Cyber Square is the perfect place that offers the best Python programming for kids. They will learn OOP in python, Computer vision, Speech signal processing, Natural Language Processing – Spell check/ translation(NLTK library), Concepts in NLP. The AI Advanced course will examine educational, behavioral, and practical aspects of AI, Robotics, and Coding, and how children interact with them. By the end of this course, the kids must be capable enough to build chatbot applications as well as AI-based projects and applications using different libraries available in python. Kids can experience live online coding classes and hands-on experience in technology.

Skills you will gain

Learn OOP in Python Create AI application Learn Speech Signal Processing



Learn The Basics of Python Programming

This module includes the basics of Python programming, OOP in Python, different programming languages used for AI, and why you need to learn Python for AI. At the end of this module, there will be assessments and assignments for students.



Learn About Computer Vision

This module includes basics of computer vision, pattern matching, applications of computer vision, and applications of AI. At the end of this module, there will be an assessment test for students.



Basics of Speech Signal Processing

In this module, kids will learn the basics of speech signal processing. hardwares required for speech signal processing, and advantages of speech signal processing. Assignments will be provided for students.



Concepts in Natural Language Processing

In this module, kids will learn concepts in NLP, spell check/translation, applications of NLP, advantages and disadvantages of NLP, building a rule based system approach, limitations of a rule based system, an alternative for rule based systems, machine learning, and applications of machine learning.

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Why Cyber Square AI Advanced Course?

UK Certification

Uk certification will be awarded to kids on course completion.

Benefits For Kids

Kids will learn OOP in python, Computer vision, Speech signal processing, Natural Language Processing and create their own AI applications.

1:1 Online Classes

We have experienced trainers to provide 1:1 live online coding classes for kids.

Syllabus Designed By Experts

Our syllabus is designed by alumnus of IIT, IIM, & NIT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will provide UK certification on course completion.

Cyber Square online coding courses for kids include Python, Artificial Intelligence, Web Designing, JavaScript Game Development, and Little Coder - basic coding for kids.

Cyber Square coding courses will help your kids to learn the fundamentals of coding and make them capable of creating their own websites, games, and apps. These courses will improve your kid’s creative skills, logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and confidence.

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We will provide instructor-led 1:1 live online coding classes. 

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