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Dayapuram School has set up an online learning facility with Cyber Square

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many countries have now closed schools nationwide, impacting learning for lakhs of students across the world. Dayapuram Residential School, one of the biggest CBSE Schools in Kozhikode district has started online teaching for all its students by associating with Cyber Square as the school shut down due to Corona scare.  The school has implemented an online Learning Management System in association with Cyber Square learning platform which they have been using for the past 2 years to teach computer programming for the students from Grade 1 onwards. Dayapuram School is the first School in Kerala to start teaching coding from the primary level itself. The school is teaching Artificial Intelligence from Class 2 onwards as part of Cyber Square.

The government announced the closure of schools when students were preparing for the exam. With the elimination of exams, it may impact the learning of many students. Teachers were worried that children may forget their lessons when they get long vacations. To avoid this situation, the school has managed to engage all its students by providing them online exams, learning materials, articles, study videos, etc and even live classes by the teachers by integrating the LMS features to the existing Cyber Square digital platform. In addition to this, the exams and projects can be submitted online and the answer paper can be checked.

Cyber Square took up this initiative to help the students to learn their topics from home. As all the students had a dedicated username and password in Cyber Square learning platform, it was quite easy for the school to adopt online learning for all subjects. This new system helped the students and teachers to overcome the present situation.

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Cyber square is an innovative online platform that teaches kids to learn coding and thereby improving the 21st century skills. It is also an excellent way to teach mathematical and science concepts in a different way and have problem-solving skills, logic and patience.

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