Dayapuram School is all set to teach AI from Class 2.

Dayapuram Residential School, one of the biggest CBSE Schools in Kozhikode district, Kerala will be the first school in India to teach Artificial Intelligence to the students from Class 2 onwards. They have set a benchmark in adopting and imparting technologies in education from lower grades. Dayapuram School is the first school in Kerala to start teaching coding from Class 1 onwards, by adopting the concept of Cyber Square in 2017. By implementing this as their computer subject curriculum, all the students are getting trained in programming/coding and they learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySql, Python, etc. The school has conducted a Digital Fest where shortlisted students formed as a team and developed and showcased their own projects using digital technologies like IoT, AI, Web applications, Robotics, Games, etc. This has created a space for innovation and entrepreneurship from the school level. 

The concept behind this initiative Cyber Square is to make the students understand how the technology works and become the creators of technology rather than mere consumers of it. 


Cyber Square

Cyber square is an innovative online platform that teaches kids to learn coding and thereby improving the 21st century skills. It is also an excellent way to teach mathematical and science concepts in a different way and have problem-solving skills, logic and patience.

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