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An Intellectual Summer Camp For Kids in Dubai 2020

We are living in exciting times where digitalization is having a profound influence in the world; today computer programs permeate daily life. Therefore draw up our children to expose their creative thinking through training them about new technologies. In today’s world technology changes constantly and we must try to keep up. So parents should provide new learning skills to their children. Problem-solving and creative thinking are the most essential skills that kids can acquire in this digital world. Cyber Square conducts a summer camp for kids in Dubai and Qatar that can help teach children a lot about coding and science. These camps encourage learning through games and fun that give a pleasant environment to children. Cyber Square is the first platform in the UAE to set up an Artificial intelligence lab in a school. And we started teaching coding for grade one students as part of the curriculum in Kerala for the first time. Here’s list out our main courses in summer camp for kids in Dubai – 

– Artificial Intelligence

–  Coding

– IoT

– Robotics

Artificial Intelligence brings all core concepts (physics, mechanics, electronics, mathematics, and computer science) together with ordered. AI and robotics will become the most in-demand technology in the future, we can see how these technologies are uprising every aspect of today’s world like robot-assisted surgery, self-driving cars, etc. While practicing basic concepts of data science with our children they can uplift their logic at the same level as technology grows.

5 Reasons why kids should learn coding

– Jobs – Learn coding teaches important academic skills and builds crucial soft skills like perseverance and organization. These skills can help kids to choose the right career path.

-Learning about their world – Our community is so digital-centric now, children can acquire tactical skills to solve their real-life problems also.

– Computational thinking – Provide kids to develop computational thinking rather than focus on particular technical skills.

-Productivity – Understanding and being in control of the devices we use enables us to use them more effectively.

-Broadening participation – Learn coding motivates creativity and teamwork, and can make your child as a team player.

What to do?

Children develop a program to build up a model for solving different problems. Based on a theme which is basically in mathematics. 

online summer camp for kids in Dubai

Online Artificial intelligence summer camps for kids

This is an artificial intelligence starter summer camp for beginners. It provides a great understanding of how the technology works. Designed to help children attain a better understanding of artificial intelligence. If your child has an interest in smart machines then this is the best camp to build your child as a science enthusiast. In this artificial intelligence class, we will teach the basics of physics, basic mathematics, etc Moreover they will create a model in AI.  

Benefits of online summer camps for kids

-Online sessions provide more flexibility and heterogeneity

-Avoid all the inconvenience related to transportation

-Provide one to one attention in the classroom

-Offer more teamwork to children to increase their communication capability

-Motivate children to ask more questions to increase their curiosity

Online IoT summer camps for kids

IoT (Internet of Things) summer camp makes your children into a science enthusiast. Nowadays every single device is permanently connected to the internet. So our kids live in a world for all practical purposes. Therefore this camp will help them to understand the basic working of IoT in a practical scenario.

Online coding summer camps for kids

The word ‘coding’  has become widely used in recent years. Coding has traditionally referred to only a small part of the whole process of software development. We can see how coding is renovating every aspect of today’s world. However, this camp helps kids with communication, creativity, problem-solving skills, and confidence. Also, parents should know that learning to program isn’t simply about the capability to program a computer also it teaches important academic skills and builds crucial soft skills like perseverance and organization. These skills can help kids to choose the right career path. And also provide kids to develop computational thinking rather than focus on particular technical skills. Register them in our summer camp and help them to create a machine world.

Online Robotics summer camps for kids

This is a golden opportunity for your kids to learn new vibrations of technology. The robotics summer camp will help to push their knowledge to a great extent. This camp provides a new learning environment for your kids with practical experience. Designed to attain children for a better understanding of robotics.    

Our summer camp combines coding with new technologies like Robotics, IoT, AI, and giving opportunities to kids familiar with upcoming trending technologies and to create games, apps, and robots, etc. And we will provide hands-on experience with these technologies. Join online summer camp with Cyber Square and stimulate your children to be creative.

Cyber Square

Cyber square is an innovative online platform that teaches kids to learn coding and thereby improving the 21st century skills. It is also an excellent way to teach mathematical and science concepts in a different way and have problem-solving skills, logic and patience.

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