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Junior python developer Course For Students



Junior python developer Course


24 Sessions - 3 months

Junior python developer Course certificate



Junior Python Developer Beginner
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About this Course

Python is a beginner-friendly and widely used programming language. Knowledge in coding enables kids to achieve great heights in the future. We are introducing the best way of learning through gamification that encourages kids to learn more. Cyber Square provides Live Online Coding For Kids. Jr. Python Developer Beginner Course at Cyber Square helps kids to have a strong foundation in Python programming concepts and visual coding.

Skills you will gain

Python syntax and semantics Basic Programming Language Computer Programming Python Programming



Introduction to Visual Coding

In this module, young learners will take their first steps into the exciting world of coding with basics of programming and the concept of visual coding, making it accessible and engaging. Students will have the opportunity to explore Visual Programming Languages (VPL) with activities like Catch and Win, where theyll learn how to create simple programs through visual elements, fostering a strong foundation for future coding adventures.



Introduction to Python Programming

In this module, introduces fundamental programming concepts such as variables, operators, loops, decision making, and data types in a playful and engaging manner. Students will not only have a blast creating a race game with Python but will also build a solid foundation in programming, setting the stage for their coding journey.



Python Programming with Pygame

This module introduces students to Pygame, a popular library for creating games in Python. Students will dive into the world of interactive game design by creating a playful Catch and Win game using Pygame.



Introduction to Pixlr and Audio Editing

This module introduces students to Pixlr, a versatile online image editing tool, where they will learn to craft stunning images and designs. Simultaneously, students will dive into the world of music creation with a Beautiful Audio Editor, enabling them to compose and edit sounds and melodies.



Pygame Space Invaders

This module focuses on the creation of a classic Space Invaders game using Pygame. You will dive into the fundamentals of game development, including game mechanics, graphics, and interactivity.

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Why Cyber Square Junior Python Developer Beginner?

Junior python developer Course
Junior python developer Course certificate
UK Certification

Uk certification will be awarded to kids on course completion.

game development Course
Benefits For Kids

Kids will learn the basics of coding in a fun way. They will learn to create games and animations.

Junior python developer Course
1:1 Online Classes

We have experienced trainers to provide 1:1 live online coding classes for kids.

Junior python developer Course
Syllabus Designed By Experts

Our syllabus is designed by alumnus of IIT, IIM, & NIT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the coding courses available?

Cyber Square online coding courses for kids include Python, Artificial Intelligence, Web Designing, JavaScript Game Development, Little Coder - basic coding for kids, and Start Your Company - Teach Kids Entrepreneurship.

You can book a free class to experience quality 1:1 live training provided by our experts and if you are satisfied with it, then you can make an online payment.

Yes, we will provide UK certification on course completion.

Cyber Square coding courses will help your kids to learn the fundamentals of coding and make them capable of creating their own websites, games, and apps. These courses will improve your kid’s creative skills, logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and confidence.

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