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Design Your Website Beginner
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About this Course

This web development course for kids helps them to learn the working of the web, how to use HTML to structure web pages, how to implement CSS, web hosting, visual coding, photo editing with Pixlr, and JavaScript.

Skills you will gain

Improves creativity Create attractive websites How to host a web



Learn About Google Apps

In this module, kids will learn how to access G suite, how to create & edit Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides. They will learn basic formatting in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Assignments will be given to teach them basic formatting.



Learn Basics of The Internet & Google Sites

Learn Basics of The Internet & Google Sites



Introduction to HTML

In this module, kids will learn how to use sublime text editor, HTML tags, HTML editors, HTML attributes, entities & symbols, block-level elements, inline elements, links in HTML, lists, forms, iframes, how to create a table, audio tag, video tag, how to play a YouTube video in HTML, and how to create a website.



Introduction to CSS & Bootstrap

This module helps students to learn the basics of CSS & Bootstrap. They will learn about CSS syntax, different selectors in CSS, styling HTML with CSS, CSS box model, how to use bootstrap, and the basics of JavaScript.

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Why Cyber Square Design Your Website Beginner?

UK Certification

Uk certification will be awarded to kids on course completion.

Benefits For Kids

Kids will learn the basics of coding in a fun way. They will learn to create games and animations.

1:1 Online Classes

We have experienced trainers to provide 1:1 live online coding classes for kids.

Syllabus Designed By Experts

Our syllabus is designed by alumnus of IIT, IIM, & NIT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the coding courses available?

Cyber Square online coding courses for kids include Python, Artificial Intelligence, Web Designing, JavaScript Game Development, Little Coder - basic coding for kids, and Start Your Company - Teach Kids Entrepreneurship.

You can book a free class to experience quality 1:1 live training provided by our experts and if you are satisfied with it, then you can make an online payment.

Yes, we will provide UK certification on course completion.

Cyber Square coding courses will help your kids to learn the fundamentals of coding and make them capable of creating their own websites, games, and apps. These courses will improve your kid’s creative skills, logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and confidence.

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