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Skill Level

Beginner to Advanced

Junior python developer – Advanced

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About this Course

Cyber Square is one of the best coding websites for kids that offers the best Python programming for kids. Kids will learn OOP in python, Computer vision, Speech signal processing, Natural Language Processing – Spell check/ translation(NLTK library), Concepts in NLP.

Skills you will gain

Python syntax and semantics Basic programming language Computer programming Python programming



Chapter One - Microsoft Future Ready: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution (AI Engineer Associate)

This course is designed as one advanced next step from the Introduction to AI course.

3 weeks
6 hours per week



Data Science Research Methods Using Python Programming

Fundamentals of developing a good question to designing good data collection strategies to putting results in context.

7 weeks
6 hours per week



Microsoft Future Ready: Principles of Machine Learning with Python Programming

This course is designed to help you learn how machine learning works, and how to build, evaluate, and improve machine models.

2 weeks
6 hours per week



Microsoft Future Ready: Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics

Welcome to Ethics and Law in Data Analytics.

1 week

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