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CSIC – FED (A) CS International Certified – Python Full stack developer

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About this Course

Python full stack developer course makes the candidate a fully proficient software engineer. This course covers developing GUI using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. Backend development using Python and Django framework. Database will be PostgreSQL. Apart from learning these technologies the course will cover developing a fully functional ecommerce applicaion, adhereing to industry practices like coding standards, TDD, CI/CD, Git, and deployment using Heroku cloud. This course is a very good choice for graduates who intend to become a Software Engineer from startups to MNC’s

Program Highlights

• Learn tools and techniques used in industry – Git, cloud hosting,coding standards, best practices followed by the industry.
• Industry experienced faculties
• Industry standard project
• Covers every aspect of application development – UI, Database and Backend development
• Learn by doing: Assignments for practicing
• Step by step approach: Students develop a part of the project while learning each technology

Job Roles:

• Junior Software Engineer
• Software Engineer
• Junior Python developer
• Full stack developer
• Web Developer
• Back end developer




Sprint 1: Creating a website:

Designing websites using HTML:
  Basic HTML tag and its usage, HTML tables, lists, and links, HTML forms.
Hosting the website:
  Hosting websites using ftp client.



Hosting websites using ftp client.

Setting up virtual environment:
  Installing virtual environment, installing packages and django framework on virtual environment
Introduction to Django:
  Creating projects in Django, Django configurations, Adding templates, Writing views, running Django projects, Working of Django, REST API.
Git-version control:
  Creating github repositories, push and pull, Cloning.
Website deployment:
  CI and CD, configuring django projects for deployment, Heroku cloud server, Connecting Git and Heroku, Hosting django application on heroku server application
Test-driven development(TDD):
  Concept of TDD, writing TDD code for the project, executing test cases, Lintin



Sprint 3: Design your website:

  Basic structure of CSS, CSS box model, CSS selectors, Methods of applying CSS, Pseudo selectors, different Style properties, CSS grid layout, designing website using CSS
  Including Bootstrap, Bootstrap grid system, Designing HTML elements using Bootstrap, Bootstrap forms, Creating Bootstrap model and drop down menu, Designing web pages using Bootstrap



Sprint 4: JavaScript: Make your web pages interactive:

Programming using Javascript:
  data types, variables, arrays, Loops, decision making, functions, DOM manipulation using JavaScript, Creating a calculator using JavaScript
  Introduction to jquery, Jquery selectors, JQuery events and effects, Applying Jquery in Web Pages
Jquery ajax:
  JSON parsing in JavaScript



Sprint 5: Design the Database:

DBMS and relational database model, PostgreSQL, Keys, Applying DDL and DML commands, Functions, joins and subqueries, Designing database for a project



Sprint 6: Python programming:

Basic programming:
  Variables, data types: number, string, list, tuple, set, dictionary, comments, decision making, looping, functions, modules, exception handling.
Object oriented programming in Python:
  abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. JSON parsing in Python, Logging in Python.



Sprint 7: Django:

Introduction to django, MVT architecture, framework, django ORM, writing ORM queries - insert, select, update, delete, joins etc., CRUD operations in django, Get, post, session and cookies, REST API, TDD, CI/CD, OTP verification, Payment gateway integration

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