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CS Artificial Intelligence Coder

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About this Course

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in recent years because of the rapid developments in computing technology. Significance of Artificial intelligence cannot be denied in our daily life. So it is imperative to learn about AI. Learning about the working of AI and AI programming will help the students use AI enabled gadgets effectively. This will also help them to design and develop AI based projects. This course includes projects from different domains of AI – Computer Vision, Speech Signal Processing, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Program Highlights

• Student will understand working of Artificial Intelligence systems
• Know the basic concepts of artificial intelligence


At the end of the course all the students will complete the following projects:
• Smart lock for houses
• Speech detecting calculator
• Intelligent chatbot

Student will be able to:

•Design and develop applications using Artificial Intelligence libraries available in Python.

Learning path:

• Introduction to AI and computer vision
• Speech signal processing and natural language processing
• Basics of programming
• Python programming
• Machine learning
• Robotics

Program Structure

Level 1/ Beginner



Module 1:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, AI-computer vision, Draw using finger, door unlocking using face recognition, colour changing chameleon.



Module 2:

Speech signal processing, speech recognizing calculator, Natural language processing, Intelligent chatbot



Module 3:

Basics of programming, introduction to visual coding, game development using visual coding.



Module 4:

Python turtle race, basic concepts in Python, Anaconda and jupyter notebook.



Module 5:

AI rule based systems, flappy bird game using machine learning, Object detection using TensorFlow.



Module 6:

Introduction to IoT and Robotics, Introduction to programmable devices.

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