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6 Best Online Coding Courses For Kids in 2020

As a parent,  you may sometimes worry about the amount of time your kids are spending in front of screens.  If you are concerned that your child is spending their time unproductively,  consider having them use this time to be productive with something more interesting and fun for them to learn. The best solution is to enroll them for online coding classes for kids. That way they can make the best use of their free time, which they would have probably wasted in front of screens and learn a new skill in the comfort of their home. 

I think all of us might hear the word ‘Coding’, Right? What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Coding is the language of the computer. Most parents don’t know about the significance of coding at an early age and are not aware of how it could be gainful for their kids in the future. Some parents think that coding or programming is a highly technical activity and teaching coding to children might put an extra burden on their shoulders; however, this is not the truth. The fact that learning how to code is easier especially when you are young. Learning coding and programming basics gives today’s kids an edge in the competitive world they will face in the future. But is this a good plan, and should you allow your kids to jump into coding? 

Coding is a creative activity that any kid can engage in.  If you’re searching for online coding platforms for kids to get them started coding, then there are a lot of such platforms. So it is very important to choose the best option for your kids. Now,  the gravest concern is how to choose the best platform among plenty of online platforms?

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Cyber Square is one of the best platforms to learn how to code for kids age 5-17. It is an online learning platform specifically made for kids to teach them coding in the most fun and engaging ways. Cybersquare provides live online coding classes for kids with a good curriculum. Also, the curriculum is divided into 3 levels like beginner, intermediate, and advanced. With just a computer and an internet connection, your kid can start to learn coding in the most fun and exciting way from anywhere. If you’re the parent of a child interested in solving problems and writing programs, this article should help you. This article will showcase the 6 best online coding courses for kids in 2020 to help keep children interested and stimulated.  Enroll them in any of the courses today, and see the benefits for yourself.

Introduction to Coding for kids 

Coding can be beneficial to your kids in different ways. Learning how to code at a young age will prepare your kids for their future and makes them creators than just consumers. But it is often necessary to learn the basics before learning any specific programming languages. If you want your child to learn coding, the best solution is Cybersquare. Cyber Square’s little coder course will be an excellent start to understanding the basic concept of programming using games and visual blocks. This course is suitable for kids aged 5-7. Through this course, kids will learn basic and advanced programming concepts, photo and video editing, toy design, and tessellation using VPL, and app development(Thunkable).

Web Designing Courses 

Do kids really need to know how to design web pages? Learning how to design web pages at a young age can really help a child get ahead. Cybersquare Design your website course is perfect for kids from age 7 and above who want to design and develop their own websites. Through this course, kids will be capable of creating an attractive website and publishing it on the web. Apart from this, kids can improve their creativity and they can create a content management system. Enroll now and let your kid start designing their own website.

Game Development Courses 

Games can be a strong tool to help children develop life skills. Instead of simply paying a video game, they can build their own games by using coding. Learning how to develop games gives children a fun and productive outlet for their interests. Encourage your kids to create their own games and make them a young game developer. Cyber Square Javascript game development Course is an excellent way for kids to help them acquire creative and technical skills while having fun.

Course to improve Entrepreneurship skills 

Are you the parent of a business-minded child? Then this course is perfect for you to teach them business skills. When you teach your child about entrepreneurship, it helps them become successful individuals and gives a better chance in their future life. Entrepreneurship will help kids to improve their leadership quality.  Through this course, kids will learn how to create documents like sales plans, business plans, etc for business purposes. Enroll now and help your children become the next entrepreneur.

Python programming 

Why is python a great choice for kids? Is it easy to learn? Yes. If your child expresses an interest in learning programming, then python is the perfect language to get kids started off with. It is kid-friendly and simple to learn programming language that kids can pick up easily. Cyber Square Jr. Python developer course is the perfect way to introduce the Python programming language to kids. Through this course, kids will learn programming concepts, OOP concepts,  Visual coding, python programming, and database programming. By the end of the course, kids are capable of creating games using Pygame using self-made images and music.

Artificial Intelligence 

Kids are surrounded by technology and it has truly become a part of our daily lives. As the world is advanced with new technologies like Artificial intelligence, It is important to educate your child about the concepts of artificial intelligence. An awareness of AI and other related technology will help to land them with better and highest paying professions in today’s world. Cyber Square Artificial Intelligence course is perfect for kids who want to become an AI developer. Enrolling your children in an Artificial Intelligence course gives them a great way to get to know about the digital world in which they live.

Get them started early with the best online coding courses for kids today!

Cyber Square

Cyber square is an innovative online platform that teaches kids to learn coding and thereby improving the 21st century skills. It is also an excellent way to teach mathematical and science concepts in a different way and have problem-solving skills, logic and patience.

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