1. What is Coding ?
Coding is a system invented by a set of people. It is a way of creating a communication system, understanding how it works and gives an opportunity to operate within it. Learning coding thus sharpens the learning abilities of students in all subjects.

2. Which skills will students learn or enhance from coding?
a. Problem Solving
b. Organisation
c. Responsibility
d. Long term focus
e. Flexibility
f. Project Management
g. Real Time working experience

3. Why teach a computer? why not just teach other students?
Students enlisted to tutor others, these researchers have found, work harder to understand the material, recall it more accurately and apply it more effectively. In what scientists have dubbed “the protégé effect,” student teachers score higher on tests than pupils who are learning only for their own sake. But how can children, still learning themselves, teach others? One answer: They can tutor younger kids.
But Cybersquare platform act as a “teachable agent” where computer act as learner and try to give the right answer based on the input given by the student teacher. Computer can never give a wrong answer to the student teacher . Younger kid in the above example can tell the student teacher that I have understood even if he didn’t understood the concept fully whereas Computer can’t do this.
Above all, it’s the emotions elicited by teaching that make it such a powerful vehicle for learning. Student tutors think in every dimension when their answers goes wrong ; when they succeed, they feel s winning and increasing their confidence with pride and satisfaction that is derived from their accomplishment.”

4. My child does not want to be a computer scientist, what benefit will they get from coding?
Coding will be beneficial in almost all types of jobs in the future, from engineering, sciences, economics or finance. Students will have to be familiar with the fundamentals of coding to understand technology in the search for scientific breakthroughs and the way work is done in a technologically-driven society.
Computer coding involves well developed communication, leadership and management skills coupled with creative technical savvy.

  Benefits Of Coding

5. What will children learn at cybersquare?
In each Cybersquare class, the child and the mentor at training institute or school will work together to learn the concept of coding through games, visual coding and python language. The child scores points and learn to solve problems assigned . Along the way, they learn core science and maths concepts which are related to their academics and help them to perform well in their schools. The student also get a user name and password to access courses which are assigned to him and allowed use the learning platform from home or any location.

6. What does baabte do?
Cybersquare courses and contents are designed by Baabte educational research team. Baabte will provide necessary guidance to the teachers/instructors on how to deliver the courses to their students. Necessary supporting materials like training manual, video tutorials etc will also be given.

7. What are some career opportunities for Computer programmers?
The rapid growth in technology-based jobs in all industries has created a need for technologically skilled professionals. Almost every industry applies coding professionals in a variety of ways – from computerised control of hazardous to payroll processing in traditional industries. All major industries seeking graduates in a wide variety of areas including software systems design, internet computing and networking, regularly recruit individuals with coding skills. Thus, career opportunities for programmers are vast.

8. What are some of the fundamental skills necessary to succeed at coding?
To succeed in the discipline, a student must be able to develop their skills in maths and science, build strategic-thinking skills, develop strong oral and written communication skills and develop their ability to work in a team environment. As with any creative discipline, a inquisitive and inventive mind with plenty of self-motivation to be successful is very vital.