Cybersquare is an educational platform that offers K1 to K12 students to develop expertise in programming through visual coding and the Python programming language. The Cybersquare curriculum is designed for children aged 5 to 17 . We offer a combination of different courses/modules dependent on the student skill set
Our goal is to shift young citizens from users of technology to creators of technology and give them the skill set required for the 21st century. We have included physics and mathematical problems in our curriculum along with numerous games and puzzles to keep the courses not only interesting but also to embed the core physics and mathematical concepts in the mind of students.

Pyramid In Coding For Kids

The learning pyramid researched and created by the National training laboratories in Betel found that the passive learning methods like Lectures, reading, audio visual and demonstrations are less effective than active learning methods like group discussions, practical examples and teaching others. Teaching others is found to be the most effective way of learning.

The Cybersquare platform will allow the student to teach an unintelligent computer which doesn’t have any intellect to think, analyze and create. This will allow students to gain the highest learning retention possible making them stronger in tomorrow’s knowledge based economy.